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 Gemini The Twins

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Kirina Moon
Kirina Moon

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PostSubject: Gemini The Twins   Mon Jul 06, 2009 7:45 am

Gemini The Twins

Stones * Agate, Chrysoprase, Diamond and Jade
Lucky Number * Five
Lucky day * Wednesday
Flower * Snapdragon and Rose
Trees * Elder and Filbert
Animals * Dog and Squirrel. Totem Animal*Monkey
Birds * Parrot and Linnet
Metal * Quicksilver
Colours * Yellow
Food * Chinese
Image * Gentle
Food * Light "finger food," avoid large heavy meals, fresh fish, Salad, Fruit, including some exotic fruits. Needs lots of fruit juice freshly pressed to stabilise this air sign.


Gemini May 22 to June 21st

Positive traits---Quick - Entertaining - Charming - Youthful - Devoted - Multi-talented.

Negative traits,---Capricious - Unpredictable - Inquisitive - Flirts,

Relationships---Gemini needs a partner who is their equal in every way, they need to feel that they are with their "Soul-Mate". Shared interests are important but Gemini also needs a lot of personal freedom. but without responsibility if possible! Gemini often have more than one partner in their lifelong quest for a Soul Mate. They make interesting parents as the are always children themselves at heart.

Career---They are natural salespeople, and are exceptionally good in business. As a rule they prefer to work with a group of other people as they are often lacking the stamina to deal with the mundane work, being primarily ideas people. Often become wealthy in later life through their own efforts.

Leisure---There is no such thing as leisure to a Gemini! they make work into play, and play work! They should make time for organised activities such as squash, tennis or power swimming.
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Gemini The Twins
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