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 Cancer the Crab

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Kirina Moon
Kirina Moon

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PostSubject: Cancer the Crab   Mon Jul 06, 2009 7:53 am

Cancer the Crab

Stones * Emeralds and Moonstones, though Cats Eyes, Pearls and Crystals are also in harmony
Lucky Numbers * Two for Cancer, Seven for the Moon
Lucky Day * Monday
Flowers * Poppy and Water-lily
Trees * Willow and Sycamore
Animals * Otter and Seal, Totem Animal * Crab
Birds * Seagull and Owl
Metal * Silver
Food * Fish
Image * Carefree
Food * Watery fruits such as Melon and Squash are cleansing for Cancer people, Fish is their natural food rather than meat, and carrots to balance their water with earth.


Cancer June 22nd to July 22nd

Positive traits--- Patient - Imaginative - Magnetic - Tenacious - Subtle.

Negative traits---Moody - Possessive - Over emotional - Crabby.

Relationships.---Naturally loving parents and partners, easily hurt in a relationship but totally committed to both home and family. Cancer should always have interests outside the home, otherwise when the time for the children comes to fly the nest, they will be bereft until they acquire grandchildren and can begin again! Moods are firmly tied to the pull of the Moon. When single, Cancer can become a single-minded career person.

Career--- Nurses, The caring professions and sometimes bookkeepers and accountants. They are single-minded in whatever work that they do, and are caring of their workmates. They rarely become rich, but achieve great personal happiness.

Leisure---Swimming is the perfect sport for Cancer, as they have such an affinity with the element of water, and are often superb swimmers. They are also attracted to dancing and are good at organised dances such as Line-Dancing.
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Cancer the Crab
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