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 Libra the Scales

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Kirina Moon
Kirina Moon

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PostSubject: Libra the Scales   Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:30 am

Libra the Scales

Stones * Opal for Libra * Lapis Lazuli for Venus its ruler and Sapphire
Lucky Numbers* Eight for Libra * Six for Venus
Lucky Day * Friday
Flowers * Violet, White Rose and Orchid
Trees * Almond and Walnut
Animals * Hart and Hare * Totem Animal * Dragon
Bird * Dove
Metal * Copper
Colour * Green
Food * Beans
Image * Gentle
Food * Breads, pulses, rice, pasta, with spicy toppings will suit Libra, as will very hot chilli and curry to add fire to the air in their sign.


Libra Sept. 23rd to Oct. 23rd

Positive traits---Diplomatic - Romantic - Artistic - Sensitive - Polite - Cooperative - Idealistic.

Negative traits--- Self-doubting - Aggressive - Detached - Melancholic.

Relationships---Librans should never marry young, as they will invariably regret it at some time. They are romantics and require to be wined and dinned and swept off their feet! The are not very good judges of character in relationships and so should make haste slowly. When they do meet the right person, they make excellent partners and parents.

Career---Librans like to have and spend money, and mostly go for careers that provide just that, they are inclined to be materialistic, but are not too good at holding on to the money that they accrue. Generous in nature, they are popular work companions who are reliable and hard working. They are popular with friends, of which they often have a great many. They are never short of invites

Leisure---As a rule they do not like physical exertion, but will have periods in their lives when they frantically try to keep fit, only to drop the idea again when whatever crisis is past. Gentle steady exercise is the best for the Libra frame
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Libra the Scales
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