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 Capricorn the Goat

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Kirina Moon
Kirina Moon

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PostSubject: Capricorn the Goat   Mon Jul 06, 2009 8:52 am

Capricorn the Goat

Stones * Onyx for Capricorn Obsidian and Jet for Saturn its ruling planet, Amethyst
Lucky Numbers * Three for Capricorn; Eight for Saturn
Lucky Day * Saturday
Flowers * Nightshade, Rue and Pansies
Trees * Pine, Cypress and Yew
Animals * Dog and Elephant * Totem Animal* Goat
Bird * Owl
Metal * Lead
Colours * Dark Green
Image * Formal
Food * Conventional food is what this sign loves, Roasts with all the trimmings, what they should eat is a lighter diet with lots if juicy fruit to water down their earthiness.


Capricorn Dec. 22nd to Jan 20th

Positive traits---Practical - Prudent - Loyal - Successful - Ambitious Purposeful - Passionate.

Negative traits---Rigid - Materialistic - Moody - Sarcastic.

Relationships---Capricorns are often thought to be cold and calculating, but in fact they are often simply suffering a lack of confidence. They are loyal and steadfast in relationships, but sometimes find it difficult to say how they feel. They are usually good parents if they have children, but often they chose not to. Many Capricorns elect to live alone and for their work.

Career---The most ambitious of all the signs, they almost all, at sometime in their lives seem to live only for their work. Some will create huge businesses out of nothing, and when it is done will go on and do the same again. If this instinct to succeed is frustrated when young they sometimes will turn to philanthropic lifestyles and do well working for a charity or similar.

Leisure---Hill-Walking, Gardening, Golf these are the sort of activities enjoyed by this sign, they love music and books, young Capricorns tend to live in books until they get the urge to succeed.

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PostSubject: Re: Capricorn the Goat   Tue Jul 07, 2009 2:26 pm

That's me ! Well, some of it is, anyway...

Astrological profiles are always mitigated by other details. In my case, particularly by my Ascendent - Scorpio.

The bit about choosing not to have children was spot on. It was a choice I made early on, and cant honestly say I've ever had any regrets. I'm just not parent material.

Creating a huge business out of nothing ? Well I try, I do try. At the "very slightly more than nothing" level at the moment.

But we live in hope...
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Capricorn the Goat
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